Give your agents the edge before customers even contact you

If your customers are waiting, it’s already too late. To help your agents solve cases faster, supply them with crucial insights and expert knowledge before they ever pick up the phone.

From “already tried that” to “exactly what I needed”

It’s one thing when agents have quick access to timely knowledge content that helps solve cases. A platform that gives your agents the advantage of foresight is something entirely different. It’s a new way to cut down resolution time and make agents more efficient. Here’s how MindTouch does it.

The power to see the customer’s journey and drastically reduce resolution time

The last thing customers want to do is repeat themselves. MindTouch shows your agents what customers have searched for and seen prior to submitting a case. It will also suggest possible solutions based on the case subject line, getting the agent that much closer to a solution in just a click or two.

More productive means only showing agents what they need to see

Why show agents anything more than the information they need to help customers? Anything extra is just a waste of time. With MindTouch single sign-on capabilities and advanced personalization, you can tailor content to an agent’s area of support, support tier, or role. It’s a scalable way to eliminate clutter within the agent’s screen real estate and reduce the time spent looking for solutions.

No need to waste time looking elsewhere for expert knowledge

Extra clicks and having to switch windows frustrate agents and quietly cause resolution time to balloon. MindTouch extends your most important knowledge content right into your existing CRM and contact center solutions, including Salesforce, SAP, Zendesk, Genesys, Five9 and ServiceNow. These seamless integrations allow agents to quickly search and view content and get valuable customer insights that help them assist customers faster.

Embedded knowledge for agents, only faster and more intuitive

Sometimes, customers have problems and questions that require a little more digging. When agents do need to look for content, MindTouch helps them get there with a quick search or a couple clicks. Using our proprietary Guided Content Framework, both new and experienced agents can be intuitively guided to the content they need to be more effective in supporting customers.

Turn agents into authors

The most useful knowledge comes right from the source. Give your agents the ability to create new content based on their customer interactions. It’s an easy and efficient way to capture knowledge from the front lines and use it to help other agents handle similar issues in the future.

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Agent assistance only for the calls that really need it

Agents don’t like taking repetitive calls, and now they don’t have to. MindTouch allows your contact center to automate many of the highest volume, repeat tickets through customer self-service channels that require no agent interaction at all. That way, your contact center agents can focus on the complex, high-touch cases that actually require their assistance.

High-volume requests automated through customer self-service

Tier one support is flooded with the same simple requests. Password resets, account look-ups—all the things that customers would rather handle themselves. Sound familiar? MindTouch enables effortless self-service so that customers can handle the easy stuff on their own and only call into support for issues that require agent assistance.

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Your customers choose the time, place, and channel

To help automate the easy stuff, MindTouch helps you broaden your horizons and connect with customers and agents in all the digital channels they prefer. Extend your expert knowledge content into dozens of channels, from your CRM, web self-service portal, and chatbots to search engines and apps, with out-of-the-box integrations and a highly flexible API.

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The data you need to improve knowledge and elevate the experience

Focused improvements to the customer journey driven by hard data. Isn’t that the dream? Through powerful content analytics and reporting, you can see what content is and isn’t working, which agents are contributing and using knowledge, and identify missing or incomplete knowledge.

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When your agents shine, your customer experience does too

Agent productivity and customer satisfaction go hand in hand. It’s time to go beyond closing tickets to building better customer relationships—to take a true customer-first approach to contact center efficiency. Your customers don’t always want to talk to you, but when they do, MindTouch makes sure your agents have the tools they need to be at their best.

Improve customer satisfaction
Reduce turnover and contact center costs
Create happy, loyal customers
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