The two words customers never want to hear: “Please hold”

Nobody actually wants to call support. MindTouch makes it so your customers don’t have to.

Be there whenever customers look for you

Customer self-service is so much easier than having to email or call support. The trick is surfacing content right in the moment of need, right when customers have a problem or question. That’s the power of MindTouch.

When, where, and how should always be up to your customers

Your customers are guided by one thing: effort. They go with what’s easiest and most convenient, especially when they have a problem or question. With MindTouch, a single piece of knowledge content can be extended to all of the experiences that customers turn to in moments of need, from search engines and chatbots to websites and community forums. Wherever customers turn first along the journey, MindTouch makes sure you’ll be there.

Personalized and relevant without all the noise

Personalized answers? Bingo. Customers only need to see what they need to see, everything else is just noise. Reduce friction and frustration by delivering personalized content experiences that are tailored to each customer based on who they are and what they need without any impact on user privacy or security. Fast, effective self-service with the least amount of effort—that’s the MindTouch formula, and that’s the power of content personalization.

“MindTouch provides a modern and dynamic knowledge management solution. It enables us to be agile and deliver the right knowledge when, where and how our customers need it. Providing the most relevant articles quickly to our user base has been key to the success of our cloud business.”

– Stacy Kornluebke, Senior Training and Documentation Manager

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Always there in times of need

Your contact center just can’t be open all the time. It’s during those times that MindTouch is there for you. Even when the lights go out, your contact center is closed, or natural disaster strikes, MindTouch stays available for 24/7 customer self-service. Rely on consistently high performance for your highest traffic self-service sites, as well as reliability you can count on during those moments when customers need you most. MindTouch makes sure you’re there to answer questions and solve problems, even when your contact center isn’t.

All your sites, brands, regions, and languages in one global platform

The paths customers take to find you are growing in number every day, especially for enterprise businesses. The thing is, customers don’t care how you manage this growing complexity; they only care about low-effort, high-value, personalized experiences for whatever brand, product, region, or language they choose. It’s this kind of highly scalable, global approach that the MindTouch knowledge management platform is known for.

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“Because MindTouch is optimized for Google, we can rest assured that our knowledge is searchable and it’ll show up first in results.”

– Mohan Achar, VP of Global Support

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Automate the easy stuff so agents can be where they’re needed most

Most of the time, customers don’t want to pick up the phone. But sometimes, they have a problem or question that requires the help of a live agent. To make sure customers only need to talk to your agents when absolutely necessary, MindTouch customer self-service shoulders the burden.

Agent assistance is great, but only if customers want it

High contact center volume is bad for customer experience and bad for the bottom line. MindTouch makes self-service the first and best choice for the simple, repeat issues that constantly flood your contact center. By automating these cases through self-service, MindTouch frees up your agents to handle more complex issues, a more efficient service model that leads to lower costs, happier agents, and improved customer satisfaction.

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New ways to learn from what customers are telling you

Your customers are talking to you each and every day. Are you listening? MindTouch Analytics captures valuable data from each interaction, providing actionable insights you can use to reduce friction along the entire customer journey.

The kind of data that effortless self-service is made of

Who better to tell you what’s working and what’s not than your customers? The MindTouch platform includes in-depth analytics that provide useful insights into how customers and employees use your knowledge content. You can use this data to optimize your customer self-service experience based on actual user demand, improve your product or service, and map these outcomes to your most important KPIs.

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