Excellent customer experiences begin with knowledge

Elevate your customer service with a global knowledge management platform that’s fast, reliable, and capable of delivering low-effort experiences across all of your most important channels.

Frustration out, knowledge management in

Nothing is more frustrating than hopping around different support channels in search of answers. Why make customers call support when they prefer self-service? And why should it take so long for agents to find the answers they need to quickly resolve issues for customers?

Customers want convenience and we help you deliver

Low-effort self-service is the name of the game when it comes to excellent customer experience. Use MindTouch to bring low-effort experiences to the channels that your customers turn to first, from mobile devices and search engines, to voice assistants, IoT devices, and beyond.

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The pressure is on your support agents, but it doesn’t have to be

The trick is deflecting low-effort issues so customers don’t have to call your contact center unless absolutely necessary. And when customers do have to call, limiting escalations and handle time by putting the right information at your agents’ fingertips is essential. Happy agents. Satisfied customers. MindTouch knowledge management can help you get there.

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“Good knowledge management solutions […] have the potential to dramatically affect both customer and agent experience by providing the right information at the right time.”

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Built to be there for your customers

The MindTouch knowledge management platform makes sure that the content your customers and support agents see is specific to the exact spot they’re at in the customer journey. Here’s how:

Updated content that’s available immediately

Rapid knowledge capture and publishing capabilities for omnichannel customer engagement, effortless self-service, even on-demand field-service—all the building blocks of customer experience excellence.
Create and publish the knowledge content your customers and agents need, right when they need it.

Customers can use whichever channel they want

Search engines, communities, support sites, or “Hey Google!”—MindTouch ensures your content is there thanks to flexible out-of-the-box integrations with third-party applications. Should your customers choose to contact support instead, MindTouch integrates seamlessly with your CRM or contact center platforms to allow agents to search for and view content without having to switch windows.

The content your customers need, without all the extra

Your customers only need to see information that’s useful to them—everything else is just extra effort. MindTouch let’s you tailor each experience based on who your audience is, from internal employees to customers and beyond, ensuring each person gets the most out of that experience with the least amount of effort.

Automatically organized content that customers can easily find

MindTouch automatically structures and organizes your content to be quickly findable, navigable, and searchable in a variety of places, from within your product to the knowledge base and even Google. We also leverage related content and dynamic link updates to keep everything organized and accessible, even when you make bulk content changes.

Best Customer Experience and Support

The MindTouch knowledge management platform was named KMWorld 2019 Readers’ Choice Award winner for “Best Customer Experience and Support.”

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So much more than just a knowledge base

MindTouch goes beyond the common knowledge base solutions you’ll find bundled with various CRM and contact center solutions. Our platform is built on microservers and serverless technology that enable scalability, reliability, and extensibility required at the enterprise level. A true knowledge management platform that delivers a better customer experience.

System architecture that’s built to scale

Finally overcome the resource and scalability issues that often limit an organization’s ability to maintain consistent knowledge content across departments. Manage all of your articles, users, sites, and languages from a single solution, one that automatically scales up or down based on site traffic and resource needs without impacting overall performance. No limit to your database size. And no performance impact when it’s time to scale up or down.

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Sites that stay up all the time

Your customers, agents, and partners can’t get the information they need if your support sites are down. Outages, downtime, and maintenance windows can be costly to business and, more importantly, degrade the experience for your customers. The MindTouch knowledge management platform consistently delivers 99.5%+ uptime, meaning all of your sites stay up for all of the people that need them most, whenever that might be.

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“What we want is a KM solution that’s hospitable toward that large population of self-servers.”

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Powerful analytics for stakeholders and knowledge management teams

Put the data that actually matters into knowledge workers and organizational stakeholders. This includes detailed reporting on search terms, content performance, and user behavior. Use these insights to identify content gaps, inform product improvements, and map your knowledge management objectives to important business outcomes.

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Faster time-to-value with 99% launch success rate

Our goal is to get your project launched quickly, with minimal need for service engagement. When you do need us, our talented Professional Services team can help you scope, plan, and execute your knowledge management initiative from start to finish. This includes personalized training, integration planning and support, as well as branding for your MindTouch-powered sites. See why our customers enjoy a 99% launch success rate.

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KCS Verified

MindTouch supports knowledge centered service (KCS) to enable rapid content creation across your organization.

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Powerful analytics

that empower you to measure engagement and tie knowledge management strategy to broader organizational KPIs

Automatic scaling icon
Automatic scaling

capabilities that allow you to add high volumes of sites, content, and users without interruptions to service or maintenance windows

Available 24/7

so customers, support agents, partners, and internal employees have access to the information they need whenever they need it

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Rapid deployment

thanks to our expert Professional Services that helps you get your knowledge management initiative launched quickly and efficiently


through integrations that reduce effort by putting useful content into all channels, including Google, your website and CRM, and more

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Personalized experiences

that enable low-effort self-service experiences by giving customers and agents only the information they need to be successful

“Using MindTouch analytics and reports, we’re now able to see where content is old or where we have content gaps. This has helped us continuously improve on our content quality, which has contributed to both a better customer and agent experience.”

– Chris Stival, Support Manager

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