MindTouch for Salesforce

Keeping your agents ahead and your customers happy in Service Cloud and Community Cloud.

What if your agents could solve cases before picking up the phone?

Now they can. Give your agents a head start on each conversation so they won’t have to waste time piecing the issue together or make customers repeat themselves. How? As customers search for answers on your MindTouch support site, we’ll capture what they searched for and viewed before submitting their case and put that information right inside of Salesforce Service Cloud. That way, your agents begin each conversation with a distinct advantage.

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The ultimate agent advantage in Salesforce Service Cloud + MindTouch

Insights tab within the MindToch for Salesforce Service Cloud integration.

What proactive agent assistance really looks like

To an agent, it’s information about the customer journey that appears in real time, right when they need it. To the customer it’s just a relief not to have to repeat yourself. Along with supplying agents the specific search language the customer used and all the support articles they viewed, MindTouch will also run an automatic search for solutions based on the subject line of a customer’s case, giving agents all of this information before the live interaction and without having to leave the Salesforce experience.

Immediate access to embedded knowledge that helps solve cases

Give it to them fast. That’s what your agents need. MindTouch for Salesforce puts all of your MindTouch-powered knowledge content right within the agent experience, allowing your agents to quickly search for and navigate to solutions without having to waste time switching windows or leaving Salesforce Service Cloud.

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Embedded knowledge experience within the MindTouch for Salesforce Service Cloud integration.
The Create tab and agent authoring experience within the MindTouch for Salesforce Service Cloud integration.

Agents helping agents, now there’s a thought

Take proactive support a step further by empowering your agents to create and share solutions so other agents can quickly resolve the same issue in the future. MindTouch for Salesforce Service Cloud makes it easy for agents to quickly create and contribute new content right on the spot. It’s an easy and efficient way to capture knowledge from the experts on the front lines, helping to reduce effort and improve resolution time across the board.

Built to support your KCS? program

MindTouch for Salesforce integrates the MindTouch KCS v6 Verified functionality that allows agents to capture, improve, and reuse knowledge in alignment with KCS best practices.

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Customers don’t want to call and now they don’t have to

Most of the time, customers can find everything they need right within your community. MindTouch for Salesforce Community Cloud enriches the customer experience, blending peer-generated content with your own authoritative support articles for better customer self-service.

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Supercharged customer self-service and case deflection in Salesforce Community Cloud + MindTouch

Expert knowledge that makes your community stronger

Most customers prefer to answer questions on their own. When they search your community, the MindTouch integration to Community Cloud makes sure they find what they need by showing content from both community peers and the expert knowledge base, all blended within Community Cloud search results. If customers prefer to use a public search engine, you can extend the same MindTouch-powered knowledge your community benefits from to Google and other search engines.

Blended peer-generated and knowledge-base search results experience within the MindTouch for Salesforce Community cloud integration.
Suggest answers on the contact support form powered by the MindTouch for Salesforce Community Cloud integration.

Wait! Before you submit that case …

Transform the contact support form from a case generator into a case deflector. While customers are completing your contact support form, MindTouch for Salesforce Community Cloud automatically suggests solutions in real time based on the customer’s subject line. It’s yet another chance for customers to easily find answers without having to contact support, one that encourages self-service adoption and deflects costly ticket volume to your contact center.

KCS? is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation?

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