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Reduce customer effort, support internal employees, and enhance agent-assisted self-service interactions by delivering updated knowledge across SAP Service Cloud and SAP SuccessFactors

Set a new standard for effortless self-service experiences across SAP Service Cloud

Let’s make life easier for your customers once and for all. A flexible, multi-channel integration capable of integrating closely with most SAP Service Cloud solutions, SAP Knowledge Central allows for rapid content creation and availability across all of your self-service touchpoints so that customers and agents assisting them can find answers faster.

Elevate the customer/agent self-service experience across your Service Cloud deployment


Quickly extend knowledge to all self-service channels

Today, customer experience is guided by effort, and customers expect easy answers wherever and whenever they need them. SAP Knowledge Central makes this possible by embedding self-service content within commerce channels, case submission forms, community forums, IoT devices, and more, all from a single source. This includes the ability to personalize content based on the specific customer viewing it, both anonymous and logged-in users alike.


Give agents self-service content in a click or two

Your agents don’t have time to think up the perfect search terms or switch windows to find what they need. SAP Knowledge Central gives relevant self-service information to agents fast while supporting chat, email, or phone, embedded right within the Service Cloud agent experience, making it easy to quickly search for and navigate to the solutions they need without wasting any time.


Deliver fast answers out in the field and on the spot

With SAP Knowledge Central, you can apply permissions to self-service knowledge content based on group settings, tier of cases, specific customers, or even skill set, so that field service agents don’t have to waste time looking for answers. MindTouch will even suggest articles before the agent arrives on site, and gives agents a simple interface for quickly self-serving content. For those calls that shouldn’t happen in the first place, SAP Knowledge Central embeds answers directly into the case submission form to prevent unnecessary (and costly) field service calls.


Provide on-demand self-service support for the relationships so crucial to your business

If your enterprise already leverages SAP Service Cloud to serve and support your network of partners, SAP Knowledge Central can enrich these relationships by enabling highly personalized partner self-service experiences. SAP Knowledge Central takes all of your knowledge content and tailors each experience based on company, country, partner level, and other partner profile information, without having to duplicate content or build out additional sites.


Rely on one system for getting updated info to your employees and teams

Elevate internal self-service experiences in those moments when your internal people have questions or problems—all of it personalized based on role, department, or other employee profile information—often eliminating the need to contact your internal IT support or HR team at all. Thanks to straightforward publishing tools and approval workflows, you’ll know that the info you deliver to internal employees is always accurate and consistent throughout all your internal channels.

Built to support your KCS? program

SAP Knowledge Central integrates the MindTouch KCS v6 Verified functionality that allows agents to capture, improve, and reuse knowledge in alignment with KCS best practices.

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Help your HR team support your most important business asset: your people

With your existing SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Service Center (ECSC) deployment, SAP Knowledge Central creates a frictionless self-service knowledge experience that allows employees to quickly get answers to questions without having to contact the HR help desk. Our solution can be launched quickly and updated instantly with the up-to-the-minute information you need to get out to your teams.

Elevate employee experiences with timely self-service in SuccessFactors


Offload easy, repeat questions to a personalized self-service option

With multiple groups distributed throughout various regions, employee self-service never sleeps. To provide your people with the answers they need 24/7—even in today’s rapidly changing regulatory world—SAP Knowledge Central for SAP SuccessFactors embeds self-service content into your web self-service portal, contact support form, and other important employee touchpoints. On the contact support form, SAP Knowledge Central automatically suggests solutions in real time based on the subject line, driving self-service adoption while deflecting costly tickets—especially for high-volume, low-touch issues.


Reduce time to resolution for employees hitting your help desk

Today, agent enablement means enabling proactive self-service support. SAP Knowledge Central for SAP SuccessFactors gives your agents a head start during HR help desk interactions by showing them what an employee already viewed, searched, and clicked prior to submitting the case. If a subject line field is included in the case submission form, SAP Knowledge Central will automatically search for related articles before the agent has to lift a finger. And to cut through the noise, all content that agents see is personalized based on their profile.

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