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The MindTouch knowledge management platform is built upon best-in-breed technologies to ensure high reliability, scalability, and extensibility to improve the customer experience.

A scalable platform architecture that’s designed to deliver the best customer experiences

At MindTouch, the customer experience drives all that we do. We bring this customer focus to all the decisions we make about how our product platform is built and the technology we use. To deliver the best customer experience possible, we’ve built MindTouch with scalability in mind.

Automatic scaling icon
Automatic scaling

ensures your knowledge content performs at scale with high reliability regardless of the site traffic

Infrastructure as code icon
Infrastructure as code

and continuous integration (CI)/continuous delivery (CD) capabilities for easy and reliable infrastructure management, meaning MindTouch will always be available

Automatic issue recover
Automatic issue recovery

through redundant clustering across multiple Amazon Web Services (AWS) availability zones to ensure access to your knowledge content is always available

Automatic testing icon
Automated testing

to assure quality, identify and resolve issues, and reduce the risk of outages and downtime

Automatic mitigation icon
Automatic mitigation

against DoS attacks and emerging cybersecurity threats that can compromise customer data and cause costly service interruptions

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Advanced personalization

based on user identity or behavior patterns, powered by MindTouch proprietary scripting language

The MindTouch platform is capable of handling hundreds of thousands of articles. And each day, MindTouch handles millions of incoming web requests to the platform across all hosted sites, serving content in the form of web pages, search results, and API integration data.

All of this while delivering better than 99.5% uptime.

This kind of performance and scalability starts with the MindTouch platform architecture, which is built on best-in-class components, including highly scalable microservices and serverless technologies. These technologies allow the MindTouch platform to automatically scale up or down based on site traffic and resource needs, ensuring consistently high performance.

Our trusted technology partners

Relying on close technical collaboration and joint solution testing with our technology partners, MindTouch delivers easy-to-deploy solutions that integrate well with your existing tech stack.

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Okta
  • Looker
  • Elastic
  • Snowflake
  • AWS smile logo
    MindTouch is an official Amazon Partner Network (APN) technology partner with AWS. Twenty distinct AWS products and services serve as the building blocks for our cloud-based application, including compute and storage. Thanks to the industry-leading technology that AWS is known for, we’re able to deliver a highly flexible platform that can be scaled in cost-effective ways while consistently delivering 99.5% uptime or better.

    Building every MindTouch site on reliable AWS infrastructure means we can automatically scale up to ensure consistently high performance, even when traffic spikes. This ensures that customers don’t pay more than they have to. It also means that every MindTouch site is always using best-in-class technology, which allows us to introduce new capabilities like improved analytics and data visualizations, protection from common attacks, and more.
  • Okta logo
    Security is a cornerstone of any knowledge management solution. That’s why we’ve partnered with Okta, an industry leading identity access management (IAM) provider. Okta provides secure and frictionless sign-in to web applications and devices for both employees and customers. MindTouch customers can leverage Okta to deliver highly personalized content journeys, including personalized site navigation, content visibility, and content authoring capabilities, all driven by customer identity data. 

    The Okta sign-in experience provides multi-factor authentication methods such as SMS verification codes, Google Authenticator, and biometric checks to provide the utmost security. Both Okta and MindTouch maintain a strong commitment to customer privacy—the end-user is always in control of what identity data is shared between Okta and MindTouch. Learn more about identity access management.
  • Looker logo
    Looker, a leading tool for business intelligence, analytics, and reporting, empowers MindTouch customers to make data-driven decisions with rich, easy-to-use reporting and analytics. Using Looker, our customers can easily customize highly-informative and interactive analytics dashboards using a simple and consistent set of tools and processes that require less customization and manual input. Learn more about MindTouch analytics.
  • Elastic logo
    Search functionality is a core part of the MindTouch platform. To deliver a resilient, fast, and scalable search experience, we rely on Elasticsearch as our search and analytics engine. This distributed, open-source solution powers content search, user search, and several functions within our suite of reporting tools. Elasticsearch also enables the rapid development of search functionality, including the ability to support advanced querying and aggregation techniques. Most importantly, Elastic allows our customers’ customers to easily find the content they need with minimal effort. Learn more about MindTouch search.
  • Snowflake logo
    A flexible and dependable data warehouse is essential to delivering updated, easy-to-use analytics and reporting that our customers depend on to make informed decisions. That’s why MindTouch uses Snowflake, a cloud-based data warehouse solution capable of storing and querying large data sets.

    The Snowflake architecture makes it possible to isolate and independently scale different use cases of the data warehouse, such as internal business analysts running ad-hoc queries and external dashboards powered by Looker. Snowflake significantly improves performance by increasing the size of our virtual warehouse, allowing more customers to benefit from rich MindTouch analytics and reporting.

The core technology that makes MindTouch different

Content personalization engine and scripting language

Behind every piece of content that is presented to the end user is a powerful content engine that enables us to provide personalized content based on who is viewing it. This content engine is made even more powerful through the use of our proprietary scripting language that, instead of the same content experience for all viewers, can present one piece of content differently based on whomever is consuming it.

Scalable information architecture

As the scale and complexity of an information architecture increases, the hierarchies of organized knowledge content such as pages, files, and classifications can be very difficult to scale. This is something we’ve known and planned for from the beginning.

As a result, every MindTouch site runs on top of a cluster of advanced hierarchy servers that allows for the rapid lookup of information architectural data, as well as lighting-fast modifications such as moving or deleting content. MindTouch can manage information architectures from small to large, serving millions of lookups across millions of pages every day.

Broad and robust API

Every action that can be taken in the MindTouch user interface has a corresponding RESTful API. The MindTouch platform is always API-first to ensure that barriers are removed from automating complex tasks such as content creation, user management, and reporting. By providing a broad and robust API layer, MindTouch customers and partners can extend the value of MindTouch into any product or application. The MindTouch API was built with security as the top concern: an enterprise-grade access control system manages who can read or write data.

Secure, embeddable web widgets

MindTouch has always been passionate about adopting the latest capabilities of the web platform. As such, MindTouch provides a library of secure and flexible web integrations that are incredibly simple to implement. These integrations are strictly access-controlled, ensuring that only MindTouch site administrators can decide which domains can embed their integrations and read data from their MindTouch site. Once embedded, these integrations can exchange background messages with each other, working together to create a robust MindTouch experience in any web application.

Security, performance, and seamless integrations built into a single cloud-based platform

A secure platform

that keeps your users and their personal data safe from breaches and cybersecurity attacks

Rich analytics and reporting

so you always know how your MindTouch sites are performing and how content is being consumed to help you optimize it for your end users

Personalized content experiences

are possible thanks to seamless integrations with both identity access management and customer identity management systems, as well as a powerful dynamic content engine to ensure you can deliver unique experiences to both your customers and employees

A true “platform” approach

built on trusted best-in-breed technologies and services that play well with your existing tech stack and elevate the customer experience by bringing timely content to the channels and devices customers prefer

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